Thomas Holland

2022 Ginetta GTA Driver
G40 Cup Pro – Vice Championship Winner 2021

After debuting in the GRDC championship in 2020 and then progressing up the motorsport ladder into the G40 Cup series, Tom became vice Champion in 2021. Keen to keep to successes rolling in, Tom has decided to take to the next step of the ladder by entering the Ginetta GTA grid for 2022! 

“After doing a one off round in the GT Academy at Silverstone I decided that was where I wanted to progress to further my journey into the GT racing ladder. The new car should present a new set of challenges which I look forward to overcoming especially the aero which is something I have very little experience with.

I want to go for the championship as I believe the team and I have the potential to do so after running with raceway in the G40 Cup in 2021 taking a handful of wins and finishing 2nd overall. I hope to make the team, my sponsors and my family proud.”  

    Thomas Holland

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