Thomas Holland

Thomas Holland

Team Raceway Motorsport – G40 Cup Driver

After my first track day attending the Ginetta Junior summer camp in the August of 2019 I had not had nearly enough, so my family and I looked for a race series I could enter as a 17-year-old, eventually finding the GRDC and starting my first season, blowing my own expectations out of the park. 

After debuting in the GRDC and consistently finishing on the podium by the end of the season as well as the thrill you get from racing around a circuit is unbeatable, I decided to keep at it and see how far I can take my motorsport Career.

I love the G40 Cup mainly thanks to the amazing car we get to race. I love how nimble and often unforgiving the car can be, meaning that every tenth comes with a bigger risk and knowing how far you can push the car before it pushes back is always fun to find.

My main goal for this year is to appear on the podium again, I was surprised enough to finish on the podium fairly consistently last season so that is my basic goal. An amazing result would be to take my first win in a Ginetta series, so let’s see what this season brings.

“I am proud to support and be supported by the BPC Foundation for the 2021 G40 Cup.” 

“The BPC Foundation is the charity organisation of the BPC Group. The Foundation was set up early 2021 to mark the celebration of their 25-year anniversary and during this time BPC has donated over a million pounds to a number of worthy charities nationwide.  The BPC Foundation will continue this role for many years to come supporting and donating to various charities in the future.”

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