Sourced Capital

Our Mission – Is to revolutionise the property investment system by empowering the individual.

What drew you to our team?

We’re really excited to be supporting and sponsoring Raceway Motorsport. We were drawn to the team as they have a similar story to us within our industry. Sourced Capital are a new name in the Peer-to-peer lending industry but we have a combined 100+ years in property and 40+ years in the financial services sector. We can see that Raceway Motorsport are also a new name around the paddock but they bring great personal experience to the team – to make them successful in their field. 

Where did your interest in motorsport first start?

Some of the Directors of Sourced have always had a keen interest in motorsports. It’s an exciting sport and the persistence and determination that teams need to have to make a success is inspiring. The sport is very challenging but a great achievement when successful. To help a team like Raceway Motorsport to get to the top of their game is a privilege.   

What makes you want your brand to be associated within motorsport and what are you looking forward to this season?

Continuing from above and to support an upcoming team on their journey to get to the top and to be apart of the journey with the Raceway Motorsport team and supporting everyone to do their best in the races ahead! 

Tell us more about your business?

Sourced Capital ( is a leading innovator in property backed, peer-to-peer lending. Unlike the banks, with peer-to-peer lending, investors know exactly how their money is being used; investors can select and lend money directly to a variety of UK property investments on the Sourced Capital platform, earning up to 12% pa.
The success of Sourced is based on its network of over 130 offices across the UK who fuel the Sourced Capital platform with hand-picked property investment opportunities. Our aim is to help investors to make the most of their hard-earned money, using our simple and easy to use platform.

The Directors of Sourced share over 100 years of property experience covering consumer lending, peer-to-business lending, fin-tech and peer-to-peer property lending. They have their own property and investment portfolios and continue to work on their own developments as part of Sourced. As property industry leaders, the directors of Sourced use their experience by carefully selecting projects and overseeing them, ensuring they are the best projects for investment for Sourced Capital investors.

Capital at risk, returns may vary. Sourced Capital is an appointed representative of Ltd which is Authorised and regulated by the FCA. Not covered by the FSCS.

Proud to be partnered for the 2021 season.

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