Marc Warren

2022 Ginetta GTA Driver
GRDC Am – Championship Winner 2020 

G40 Cup Pro – Championship Winner 2021

After becoming an impressive Two Times Champion in the first 2 years of Marc’s Motorsport Career, he is now taking the 3rd step up the motorsport ladder into the Ginetta GTA series. After the success of the debut year for GTA in 2021, Marc is keen to take to the wheel in his brand new car for the start of his test program in March 2022. 

 “In 2022 I am extremely excited to be stepping up to the Ginetta GT Academy with Raceway Motorsport! After 2 seasons racing the Ginetta G40, this feels like a natural step forward for my racing career and I am greatly looking forward to the challenge of adapting to a completely new car in the Ginetta G56.

2021 was my first year running with the guys and girls at Raceway Motorsport and it was not only a huge amount of fun but it was very successful too! In the Ginetta G40 Cup Pro category, we took 10 wins and 16 podiums from 18 races and we won the championship by 38 points.

What was particularly rewarding was that I progressed a lot over the year as a driver. This was particularly apparent with my understanding of car set up and changes. Under the guidance and direction of Luca and Declan, I was able to understand more and more about what I wanted from the car.  As I then became better at articulating this to the guys, in turn they learnt to trust me to keep it on the black stuff after they made the changes…..and most of the time I did!

The G40 Cup in 2021 ran in the shadow of the GT5 Challenge and as a result only a few of us know how hard and fast we were actually pushing the cars. With a number of the fastest drivers from 2021 G40 Cup stepping up to GT Academy in 2022, I am fully expecting to be battling with the same drivers again and enjoying more close, clean racing at the front!”

Marc Warren

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