Marc Warren

I will be using the car to support Prostate Cancer UK – Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK and will affect 1 in 8 men in their lifetime. I will also be supporting Driving for Charity and will hopefully be offering some Dream Rides for Sporting Bears in my Mclaren later this year when restrictions allow

Marc Warren

Team Raceway Motorsport – G40 Cup Driver
GRDC Am – Championship Winner 2020

I had been doing track days in my Caterham for years previously but when myself and a group of “car mates” got together to rent and race a Citroen C1 at Snetterton I was hooked!  The rookie championship in the Ginetta GRDC proved a perfect place to start learning some proper race craft and car control

The aim for 2021 is to have fun again and keep learning! I was lucky enough to take some wins in 2020 so I would love to reach the top step again and maybe be allowed to spray some champagne this time. But really the biggest wish is for some fast, clean, close racing and to keep laughing!

I am racing this year because of the sheer buzz of competition, it’s addictive!!

The Ginetta G40 Cup is the natural way to develop my racing skills from GRDC. Last year went very well yet there were plenty of mistakes throughout the year and I am very aware that I have so much still to learn.

The G40 car is approachable yet challenging to maximise its performance. It has no driver aids at all and requires real commitment to drive it up to the limit.  I felt that continuing to improve my racecraft and car control were more important than jumping straight up into a faster or easier car.  Also the camaraderie between all of the competitors was fantastic last year and I can’t wait to catch up with some of the guys in the pit lane again

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