Ignazio Zanon

“I would like to thank my sponsors for the continued support in to the 2021 season and now its my turn to provide the results”

Ignazio Zanon

Team Raceway Motorsport – GT5 Driver

The passion for racing has always been burning within me since I was a kid, however the spark that lit it even further was my grandfather who was heavily involved in the world of motorsport. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was very young but the stories of his adventures in racing just pushed me to follow my passion further. Nevertheless, my studies had the priority but I finally got my chance to be on the grid in 2019 in the Ginetta GRDC and from there my love for the sport just grew. The following year I progressed into the G40 Cup and this year I can’t wait to compete in the GT5 grid.

The aim this year is to be at the sharp end of the grid fighting for the points and competing with the best drivers. It will be very challenging as the competition is very tough and this is just my third year in racing. However, the progression these two past years has been incredible and with the right preparation and the support from the team I know it will be possible to achieve these goals.

Being that my experience is limited I am racing this year to learn as much as possible and fully grasp how the world of motorsport works. Furthermore, I want to put myself to the test and compete in one of the most competitive grids of the UK motorsport.

GT5 was the natural progression from the G40 Cup as it is a lighter and faster car. What I really like with this category is the fact that everyone has the same car and it is all up to the driver and the team to work in perfect synchrony. It is the ideal proving ground for anyone who wants to start a career in motorsport.

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